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If your lawn is suffering from brown spots or is full of weeds you can’t control, sod installation is the best solution for you. Here at Eternal Green Landscaping, we have over a decade worth of experience installing sod and we make sure every step of the re-sodding process is done to provide you with lush green grass. We issue a 24-month guarantee on our sod as long as the customer provides the proper watering and care to maintain the lawn.

Installation & Procedure

  • We first remove and dispose of the existing lawn, weeds, and vegetation
  • Add 1-1 1/2″ inches of topsoil, to help level out the lawn and achieve drainage away from home.
  • Compact the soil to help maintain the slope
  • Then we unroll strips of premium Kentucky Bluegrass which is the best grass type available for Sod
  • After the Sod is laid, it is rolled and fertilized

Key benefits: 

Installing pre-grown grass (sod) in your yard has many advantages over other lawn planting methods such as seeding, fertilizing, and plugging. The major key benefit of sodding is it allows you to have a beautiful lawn around your home or business within a day or two, unlike seeding which can take months to fully develop. Also, due to the sod being fully matured it helps prevent soil erosion and requires far less water than growing a lawn from seeds.


The standard cost for our sodding services starts at $2.49 + tax per square foot. However, that price can fluctuate depending on the size and the scope of the project, as the square footage increases the price drops down due to the labor cost being spread out over a larger surface space. To get a precise and free quote please give us a call at (647)-572-4456.

Kentucky Premium Sod

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