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Spring & Fall Yard Clean-up

Give your property the jump start it needs

Eternal green Landscaping has you covered all year long, we are ready to give your property the jumpstart it needs for the summer or get it ready for the cold months ahead. We offer a variety of professional services such as aerating, leaf raking, and hedge cutting. Get you home to stand out this season with prices tailored to fit your budget.


Aerating is a process that involves poking small holes around 2 – 3 inches in your lawn to help penetrate the soil allowing more air, water, and nutrients to circulate through. It’s an important step that we recommend to all of our clients right after a harsh winter to help get rid of thatch build-up and reduce soil compaction.

More Aerating benefits:

  1. Enhanced soil water uptake.
  2. Improves drought and stress tolerance.
  3. Stronger turfgrass roots.
  4. Improved fertilizer uptake and effectiveness 

Leaf Raking & Yard Clean-Up:

Leaf raking plays an important role in the health of your lawn, not only is it used to maintain a nice-looking property but it also helps to ensure that your lawn is protected during the winter. If the leaves are left on during the snow season they can rot and produce disease-bearing elements that kill your grass. Why waste valuable hours when our team can clean and bag each leave to keep your lawn tidy and protected during the winter season 

 Hedge Cutting:

If you’re inquiring about getting your hedges cut then Eternal Green Landscaping is your absolute top choice. We use professional hedge cutting tools to do the job and we bag everything that gets cut. Maintaining your Hedges on a regular basis ensures the health and density of your plant but also helps improve your home appearance and value.

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Snow Removal

Our 24/7 commercial & residential snow removal service will make sure your property is cleared in a timely manner

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Transform your barren land into a lush green lawn within hours using our expert sodding services

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Mulch Delivery and Installation

Give your home a natural modern look with a our mulching service

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